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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Mark Griffin

A Guide to Different Types of Lighting for Different Situations!

We spend a lot of time decorating our homes to try and create a look and feel that meets our expectations and needs.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a change and one that has been overlooked in the past is the use of lighting.

First things to consider are the shape and size of your room, the amount of available natural light and how the room will be used i.e. for entertaining, relaxing, cooking or working.

Layering your lighting helps create a harmonious environment within your home – the 3 main types of lighting to consider are

Accent Lighting

Looking to add drama to a room? Accent lighting adds depth and shade by creating a visual interest by drawing the eye to your prized possessions. It can not only be used indoors but can also be used to highlight the texture of bricks and outdoor landscaping. When planning a lighting scheme for a room, you should plan accent lighting first, with task lighting following and then ambient lighting to finish.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is needed to do a specific job on all your day to day activities from cooking to reading and even down to working at a computer. Task lighting gives you the opportunity to control your lighting, you can illuminate your desired area how and when you want to. Choices range in fixtures that can be mounted upon a surface, recessed or mounted over cabinets with lamp options available such as halogen, fluorescent and LEDs.

Ambient Lighting

Also known as background lighting, provides the central light for any room. It can help create a particular atmosphere or mood and can be achieved ceiling or wall mounted fixtures with the help of accent and task lighting.


Next we will look at how good lighting can help create a stunning kitchen environment

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Having worked in lighting for over 12 years my experience has been gained in a variety of lighting companies spanning decorative lighting, outdoor lighting and the light bulb market. The most recent years have been spent in launching LED products to the UK market.

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