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Published on July 30th, 2014 | by Mark Griffin

Great LED Lighting Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

How creative are you with the lighting within your home? Most people usually just think of practicality when it comes to lighting their house – positioning the lights to illuminate the rooms and provide visibility. However lights can be more than just practical…

With a little creativity, your lighting can also be a fun and unique work of art and a real addition to a room as well as being a functional source of illumination. There are many different types of lighting products out there and original ways to use them, so why not experiment? You can create a lighting solution in your home that will not only light up the space effectively, but will also make your guests go: “Wow!”

LED Lighting Ideas

So what are some ideas to get you started on lighting ideas? Start by looking through magazines and online photo collections of home interiors, such as websites like Pinterest. When you see something that you like, you can find a way to recreate it with LED lights in your own home. Start a folder where you collect images that inspire you, so that you can refer back to it when you are looking for ideas.

There are just so many great things that you can do with LED lights! Here are a few different techniques and products that might inspire you:

LED Strips – Anywhere!

Have you ever tried using LED lighting strips to spice up the lighting in your home? These strips can be a lot of fun, because they are easy to install and can be used in a wide variety of ways. In some situations it can be difficult to install wiring underneath the cabinets or as an accent, especially when space is at a premium. Instead, you can use LED strips under cabinets or acrylic shelving to bring some light into those spaces. If you have a collection of items on these shelves or cabinets then you should consider lighting it perfectly so that it looks truly dazzling.

LED strips come in a huge range of colours, lengths and mounting options. They can be a practical element, such as lighting around a bathroom mirror to assist with applying makeup or safety night lighting down the length of a hallway – or they can be used for a purely decorative element.

If you are looking for ideas, there are many pictures online that will give you ideas of what you can do with your LED strip lighting.

Coloured Marker Lights

Another fun idea is to use coloured marker lights as accent lighting in order to create a visual impact in the room. If you have an all-white lighting scheme and a lot of neutral colours in your home, you can add a little bit of interest by breaking the monotony with coloured lights.

Try using LED marker lights, which will produce a defined pattern of light. These lights come in a range of colours, so choose the shade that suits you the best and corresponds with the mood that you are trying to create. For example a blue light will give you a feeling of peace and harmony and will have a calming effect. Red light is more passionate and will make the room feel more energetic and exciting.

Backlit Lattice

Looking for a simple way to create a dramatic and artistic statement for your front entrance or a focal point for your living room? Try using an LED strip behind a lattice, an easy way to create a very striking effect.

The intricate details of the lattice panel will be highlighted and enhanced by the glow of the LED light behind it. In order to do this effectively, it is best to use LED strips because they offer uniform light output. This is important for keeping the focus of the viewer on the lattice and not the source of the light. Also an LED strip is perfect for tight spaces so it can easily be positioned behind the lattice.

It helps to position the LED strip so that it faces the back wall, so that the light will be diffused and there will be less glare.

LED Lighting on the Stairs

Walking up or down the stairs in the dark can be hazardous, so how can you make it a little bit safer? Having LED strip lighting on your stairs not only creates an attractive effect, it also saves you from taking a tumble when going downstairs in the middle of the night!

LED strip lights are perfect for this, because they last for many years, they are flexible and can be cut easily, they are energy efficient and can be installed into nearly any space you can think off!

With planning installing LED lighting strips on the stairs is not very difficult. All you will need to do is to set up the necessary wiring before you affix the strip. When you are attaching the strip to the step, make sure that you clean the surface first. Then it’s a simple as peeling off the adhesive backing on the strip and sticking it under the lip of each step, so that it is hidden from direct view and will not cause an obstruction.

Add Intrigue to Your Home with Creative Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be boring! These are just a few ideas and examples of fun LED lighting projects that you can try in your home. The big advantage of using LED lights is that they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. Why not think creatively about your lighting and use light as an artistic feature to add to a room rather than just something practical?

Of course, keep in mind that you should always consult a qualified electrician before you undertake any lighting installation project. Also make sure that the electricity in your home is switched off at the mains before you attempt any lighting changes. Ensure that all of the tools that you will need are accessible and that you have a clear plan for carrying out the task. Don’t leave your lighting product unattended if there are children or pets in your home.

Have fun decorating your home with these original and creative LED lighting ideas!

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