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Published on March 4th, 2014 | by Mark Griffin

The easiest transition you’ll ever make!

With technology moving at a faster pace than ever and energy bills seeming to be on a constant rise, now is the right time to make the switch to LED lighting.

LED lighting is not only more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than your traditional halogen bulbs but it also has a much greater lifespan lasting on average around 30,000 hours  – much longer compared to the typical 5,000 hours for halogen! Making it even more of a perfect option for those hard to reach places as LED bulbs are expected to last up to 10 years!

Although you’re probably thinking this is going to be costly; this is not the case.

LED options are available for a wide range of lighting; from our fire rated downlight range through to most of our under cabinet range so all that needs changing are the bulbs…what could be easier!

Another benefit of switching to LED is that you have the option to choose your preferred colour temperature with many ranges, the choices comprise cool, neutral and warm white or even colour changing.

Check out our LED bulb ranges here

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Having worked in lighting for over 12 years my experience has been gained in a variety of lighting companies spanning decorative lighting, outdoor lighting and the light bulb market. The most recent years have been spent in launching LED products to the UK market.

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